RCL Digital Identity

RCL Digital Identity

A cloud platform that integrates with Azure AD B2C to verify the physical identity of people by a process of Identity Proofing

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Digital Identity is a cloud based application for private organizations and governments to verify and manage the identity of customers, employees or citizens. In this hands-on workshop, see live demos of the Digital Identity platform in action. Learn about : Identity Providers, Azure AD B2C, Verified and Self-Asserted Identity, Identity Enrollment, Identity Proofing, NIST SP 800-63 Digital Identity Guidelines, Single-Sign-On, OAuth, OpenID, SAML, Multi-Factor Authentication, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Security Access Groups.

Saturday 12th November 2022
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Atlantic Standard Time GMT -4)

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Install it directly from the Azure Portal, Azure Marketplace or App Source

RCL Identity Application

Use the RCL Identity Application to issue Digital IDs to persons

The process of identity proofing may include the comparison of a person's face and personal data to a form of photo ID such as a Driver's Permit, Passport or National ID to verify a person's physical identity. The application follows the Guidelines for Digital Identity published in the NIST SP 800-63 document. This application is applicable to governments and organizations such as banks, retailers, health, financial, training institutions and any organization implementing Digital Identity or Know Your Customer (KYC) systems.

Identity Enrollment

Use the customizable open-source Identity Enrollment Application to allow people to register for a Digital ID issued by an organization or government.

Identity Proofing

Use the customizable open-source Identity Proofing Application to approve a Digital ID once the physical identity of the person is verified.

Single Sign-On

Allow people to sign-in with the same user credentials to multiple websites controlled by the organization/government or its external partners.


The application is compliant with OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML, NIST SP 800-63 and can be fully integrated with Azure AD B2C.

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Digital Identity

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